Since its official inception as an organisation on the 10th of April 2013, the Werner’s Group was formed to manage all entities under the same roof. The group has grown from strength to strength, from its first concept restaurant in 2005 to its eighth in the year 2018. El Cerdo KL, The Whisky Bar KL, The Steakhouse KL, Dining In The Dark KL, Opium KL, Kill Devil KL and Cielo KL were conceptualised and wholly owned by Werner Kuhn, German expatriate and Master Chef residing in Malaysia for the past 30 years.

     After an impressive growth of its establishments over the many years, the success reflected solely on its efficient management team, vibrant staffs, operational structure, design portfolio and consultation framework to name a few. We have and always will take pride in what matters most – the journey to a perfect dining experience.

     Backed by 40 years of experience in various fine dining kitchens around the globe, Werner set up his first establishment, El Cerdo KL, in the year 2005. The restaurant is well known to many as the No. 1 European-styled Pork Specialty eatery in Kuala Lumpur, focusing on traditional recipes. Having gathered many accolades for its outstanding food and service quality, the most popular item is “The Cochinillo Segoviano”, a Spanish style roasted suckling pig dish that is served with the obligatory Plate Cutting Ceremony. You wouldn’t want to miss this bold and outstanding restaurant that boasts its slogan aloud as ‘Nose To Tail Eating’.

     The love for whiskies motivated him to establish The Whisky Bar KL in the year 2010. This little nook houses more than 700 labels of whiskies from around the world including some of the rarest malts ever produced. This is the place to sink into comfortable leather armchairs with a cigar and a dram.

     The Steakhouse KL opened in 2011 serving high quality steaks as well as a selection of traditional dishes cooked with country passion, from Beef Carpaccio to Carpetbag Steak to Crêpe Suzette. Exuding a warm, cosy and rustic ambience, it is the venue for fine wines and perfectly prepared steaks.

     In 2012, Dining In The Dark KL was introduced as the first ‘dining in total darkness’ concept restaurant launched in Malaysia. Now, one does not need to travel halfway round the globe to experience this remarkable and fascinating dining concept. With the intention of bringing food appreciation to a higher level, this unique approach is mind-blowing; dining without one’s sight. It is an experience where one “looks” at the world through the senses of taste, sound, smell and touch as they become more acute in darkness.

     Opium KL was established in 2014, bringing a breath of fresh air to the street of restaurants and bars along Changkat Bukit Bintang. This newly opened outlet inspired by age-old interior décor and art pieces entices its customers with an opium bed in the Rose Room, opium pipes and Chinese wine pots at the Communal area. In an exotic 20th century setting between the 1930s to the 1960s, with its slogan ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’, the outlet focuses on Asian oriental delicacies with a twist. Never leave the outlet without trying the mouthwatering desserts and our signature handcrafted cocktails presented in their very own unique pot or vessel. You can expect old Shanghai classic movies playing in black and white on TV as well as music from the era playing at the background to give you an overall opium-like experience.

     Cielo KL was established in April 2018, is a rooftop seafood & steak restaurant and lounge set in an open air, classy casual setting. Floating over Changkat Bukit Bintang with picturesque views of the city, Cielo is explicitly designed with a retractable roof to cater for Malaysia’s ever-changing weather conditions. Experience a curated gourmet menu where you will find delectable seafood dishes and classic European fine food with an edge. The wine cellar holds over 170 wine labels from around the world, guaranteeing a perfect pairing with any dish. An ideal venue to host any kind of exclusive event and/ or meeting for up to 150 pax.

      The newest baby – Kill Devil KL was re-branded from The Rum Bar KL on December 2019. In true downtown bar fashion KILL DEVIL lets you discover the bold flavours & vibrant cultures of Central & South America, Cuba and the Latin Caribbean. Fans of QUALITY SPIRITS will recognize us for the largest Rum Selection in Malaysia, with some of the best cocktails in KL City Centre to boot. CAREFUL: Some are so strong, they could KILL the DEVIL.