Job title: Commis

Work Location: Kuala Lumpur

Division/Department: Operations

Reports to: Sous Chef

Summary of Function:
Under the general guidance and supervision of the Sous Chef, the Commis will assist in the preparation and service of all sections in the kitchen.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Establish and maintain effective employee relations.
• Inform on a daily basis the Sous Chef on all relevant information on operational and personal matters.
• See to it that all food items for the outlets are prepared on time and meet quality and quantity standards.
• Preparing and measuring ingredients and portion sizes accurately.
• Prepare on daily basis food requisitions as assigned.
• Maintain cleanliness in all assigned areas, including refrigerators and freezers.
• Control cost by minimising spoilage, waste, proper storage and exercising strict portion control.
• Ensure that cost control policies and procedures are followed.
• Attend training sessions if applicable.
• Report any equipment on the section which needs repair or maintenance.
• Ensure freshness and suitability of products used by the kitchen and that they are stored properly.
• Ensure smooth running of the kitchen during the Sous Chef’s absence.
• Perform duties common to position and other duties as maybe assigned.

Organisational Relationships:
Report to the Sous Chef.

• Related Culinary Diploma or equivalent is preferred but not necessary.
• At least 1 year relevant experience in the kitchen or under an apprenticeship program.
• Ability to work under pressure for long hours in a heated environment.
• Able to maintain and improve quality, standards and cleanliness of the kitchen.